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Listen, I could pretend that this game is kind and sweet and gentle, but it's not. It's a threat. Download this tabletop game for one (?) player if you wanna have a pdf that threatens you. Some people might call this a lyric game, and they would be correct.


"This game is needlessly hostile to me, a person who has done nothing to deserve such treatment." - Alexa Kirchner

"A wonderful and very poignant discussion about how we view roleplaying games." - Adira Slattery

"fuck this game i will kick it in the shins" - also Adira Slattery


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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this game is a threat - single pages for digital.pdf 668 kB
this game is a threat - booklet for printing.pdf 3 MB
character sheet.pdf 542 kB

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I like the tone, the humor in the text

& i want to play it everyday

I'm pretty sure that this game took my lunch money. 10/10, would subject myself to a threat again.

This game is so full of rage, but by reading it you experience the delightful joy of getting to one-up something impotently hateful! I would really recommend buying, reading, and heck, I think I'm gonna play this! 

This game has Karkat Homestuck energy. 10/10.

Thank you swords and flowers I was just thinking the samt damn thin