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The City Is As Stars is a two-page, one-player rpg where you connect to other people by looking at city lights at night and imagining what's on the other side of them.

It's very simple, but the writing is lovely, and it does a good job at giving you a sense of interconnectedness with other people.

If you like concept-games, or lyric games, or other games-as-poetry type stuff, I think you'll like this. Similarly, if you like games as meditation exercises or ways of re-framing your thinking, it's worth picking up a copy of City.


whenever i read something, i struggle to retain the information that i just consumed. it immediately slips out of my mind but i believe that this little game will be an exception. it was a mere two pages that will honestly stick with me for a long time and i can see myself playing this once quarantine is lifted and and i can finally go outside again, i'll appreciate each passerby through the lens of this book.