A short Twine story about my experiences as a transmasc person putting on testosterone gel every morning.

Content warnings: dysphoria, self harm, skin picking


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lovely game, thanks for making!

i just switched from injections to t-gel myself (weirdly enough, I didn't mind doing injections when i started, but after a few months my skin got very tight and sensitive, so I needed to switch to a topical form). so far i've been really liking my own experiences with t-gel, BUT i'm also currently single, have no pets to worry about, and i don't apply it at the same time as my shower routine either. 

i'm sorry that it has been a weird and frustrating experience for you. i really appreciated that you took the time and energy to share it in this interactive form, and found a lot of relevancy for myself (i have ADD and that significantly affects my ability to "get started" on anything in the morning instead of just laying around on twitter--so yeah, big mood)