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I LARP this on the reg with my own parents. I think this would actually make a really fun party game, where it's a Casey and their friends frantically trying to explain something they all kinda understand but not well enough to explain it in simplistic terms.


This PDF has been on my desktop for over a year, it's like a priceless heirloom <3

A cute and quirky concept very simply executed. Definitely worth checking out.

This is a weirdly sweet two player rpg played via text message. You try to explain a thing quickly, the other player tries to ask for more information, and you sort of both just wing it until you've decided you both agree what vaporwave is.

It's a great, simple design, there's replayability, and of all things the layout somehow nails one of the best comedic beats I've seen in an rpg.

This is absolutely worth its price, especially if you like quirky games, and if you've got a regular long-form rpg group, this is 100% the kind of thing you spring on another player while the game's being set up.

Strong recommend, even if you're not usually a two player rpg fan.

i lived next to my grandparents for four years and this is honestly the most realistic game... i love it i'm going to make my friends play it with me lmao


Played with my grampa. It was great:

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poor gramps, you should really have described the aesthetic. There's mostly still pictures visual elements from the 70s, 80s and Renaissance, and the musical genre is heavily influenced by Japanese city pop from the 70-80s also.

That's amazing. I hope you got to play some Vaporwave for gramps ^^


"How do they play the internet in a festival?" got a legitimate laugh out of me.